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HERITAGE GUIDE * Steam Pump Ranch: The Pusch Era (1874 – 1933)

In 1865, two young immigrants arrived in New York where they later met and developed a partnership that lasted for many years. The first, George Pusch, had sailed…


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Heritage Garden

How did the Hohokam (ho-ho-KAHA), build their Pithouse dwellings and make their tools. Archaeology Southwest bring this challenge to Steam Pump Ranch Heritage Garden as accomplished Archaeologists re-erect...
Henry Zipf and Adobe Black Smith Shop

Henry Zipf Visits the PZ Feldman Ranch

Henry Shares His Memories During February 2010 Visit Pat Spoerl, president of the OVHS Board of Directors, invited Henry to share his memories. The following is a record…

Pump House/SGlinski

Steam Pump Ranch

THE FIRST STEAM PUMPS IN ARIZONA - A German emigrant, filled with dreams of becoming a big cattleman, helped solve the problem of a lack of water supply...

Pusch Family History Collection

Pusch Family History Collection
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