Going to Seed…

isn’t a bad thing!  I stopped by the Heritage Garden at the March Second Saturday event and Joyce brought me up to date on what’s happening.  Though these plants might not look like much (they’re going to seed), they still have a lot of life left!  The flowers will attract pollinators (birds and bees) that are needed for plant reproduction.

A few plants are ready for harvest or are the next meal for our pesky gophers!

Cabbage ready to harvest

The cilantro plants have been thriving and are now on their way to producing coriander (seeds of the cilantro plant).  Who knew?!

Cilantro turning to coriander


Joyce, our gardener extraordinaire, has already produced several generations of heirloom seeds from the Heritage Garden crops!  Be sure to visit the Heritage Garden next time you’re at the Steam Pump Ranch.


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