The Honey Bee Canyon Petroglyph

Last year, the Oro Valley Historical Society (OVHS) installed “A Place in Time” historical timeline of the greater Oro Valley area at the Pusch House Museum.  One of the photos depicts “The Petroglyph” in Honey Bee Canyon.  Our docents are often asked how to find it.  This past weekend, this intrepid editor and husband trekked out to the canyon to document specific directions.

Honey Bee Canyon is located at 13880 N. Rancho Vistoso Boulevard, Oro Valley.  There is a parking lot and access to the canyon on the east side of Rancho Vistoso Blvd.  Due to the boulevard, you can only access the lot by driving in a northeasterly direction.

Once you park, walk toward the (right) sidewalk access to the park.  It is closest to the car entrance of the parking lot.  You will walk down a ramp with a railing.  There will be a direction sign and you should turn right (away from the restrooms) and start walking. NOTE:  The petroglyph is NOT on the trail loop!   You will see the Rancho Vistoso overpass on your right and you should head in that direction.  You will pass a posted sign. Continue to walk in the wash under the overpass.  Keep walking through the wash for about a mile.  It is sandy but flat, so it is not a challenging walk.   You will NOT have to do any rock climbing (phew)!  You will pass what many refer to as “the dam” (a man-made rock stack with an opening. THE PETROGLYPH is on the left, just past “the dam”.  You will not likely see the figures as you approach it due to its orientation.  The petroglyph is eye level and literally on the wash path. The petroglyph is a large stone balancing on another large stone on the left.  I left a small rock cairn in front of it that will likely last a day!  If you get to the trough and the “new dam” you have gone too far!  Happy trekking!


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