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Henry Zipf Photo Collection

2006 Book 17
Henry Zipf Photo Collection
Date of Collection: 2006
Book # 17
Page #: 2006.17.01 – 2006.17.12

2006.17.01 (Oversized) Large group gathered outside in front of mountains

2006.17.02 (Oversized) Arizona Legislature

2006.17.03 Gertrude Pusch at age 12

2006.17.04 George Pusch Jr at age 10

2006.17.05 Henrietta Louise Pusch

2006.17.06 Wilhelmina Pusch

2006.17.07 Fritz Lewis Pusch

2006.17.08 Mathilda Feldman Pusch

2006.17.09 Gertrude Pusch

2006.17.10  George Pusch Jr.

2006.17.11 2 unidentified daughters of George and Mathilda Pusch

2006.17.12 3 unidentified children of George and Mathilda Pusch

Henry Zipf Photo Collection
Date of Collection: 2006
# in series:
Page #: 2006.15.01 — 2006.15.46

2006.15.01 Gertrude Pusch Zipf aka ‘Tootsie”

2006.15.02 Man and woman on steps of 4th Ave House

2006.15.03 Two woman, one is Mable Hawkins other unknown

2006.15.04 Right side of table is back of the head of Hank talking to unidentified male,

Gustav Kanabe, Wife Wilemina, then at the end of the table is an unidentified child and Louis Marie Ballinger, next to her is Robert Kanabe, Fred Pusch and Mabel Pusch Hawkins.

2006.15.05 Two woman and a man on Mt. Lemmon by Hank Soldier’s Camp area

2006.15.06 Steam Pump Ranch red building 1

2006.15.07 Steam Pump Ranch red building 2

2006.15.08 two gentleman sitting on a Mt. Lemmon ranger tower

2006.15.09 From the right, Jim Hawkins, Mabel Hawkins, possibly holding the

Armstrong twins, Nancy and Barbara, then Hank Zipf.

2006.15.10 Grand Canyon Picture postcard addressed to Frank Zipf from Viola

2006.15.11 Unidentifed man on horse

2006.15.12 Six gentlemen in suits gathered outside

2006.15.13 Armstrong girls, Nancy, Janet and Barbara

2006.15.14 No id but could be Elsa, Paul and family

2006.15.15 Gertrude and friends on Mt. Lemmon for the summer

2006.15.16 Young people on Mt. Lemmon

2006.15.17 Frank (Hardc’s brother), Robert Kanabe and Hank at Grandmother’s house at

428 S. 4th Ave in Tucson.

2006.15.18 two men and two women in school uniforms under tree

2006.15.19 family posed on rocks

2006.15.20 two couples in society dress

2006.15.21 couple in buggy with man standing at side

2006.15.22 a couple with another woman in buggy

2006.15.23 men and women under a tree

2006.15.24 Gertrude (2nd from the right) and friends

2006.15.25 Mabel Pusch Hawkins

2006.15.26 Picture postcard labeled “a street in Old Town”

2006.15.27 Mayor Engle presenting plaque for years of service on council to Vice

Mayor Henry Zipf.

2006.15.28 Hank on the left and Frank with dog, Ben at the Feldman Ranch

2006.15.29 Henry, Frank and friends

2006.15.30 Walter Feldman Pusch III

2006.15.31 Baby Walter on pony

2006.15.32 Louis Marie and Unknown

2006.15.33 Uncle Walter (George and Mathilda’s son) with child

2006.15.34 Henry and Frank

2006.15.35 Hank and Frank

2006.15.36 Hank and Frank in sailor outfits saluting with unknown girl

2006.15.37 Hank and  Frank in sailor suits in front of house at N. Stone Ave.

2006.15.38 Frank, Henry and cousins

2006.15.39 Henry in cap and gown for high school graduation

2006.15.40 Walter Zipfs half brother and wife, Helen

2006.15.41 Back of lady walking on sidewalk at 28 S. 4th Ave

2006.15.42 Gertrude and Mabel Pusch

2006.15.43  Gertrude Pusch

2006.15.44 Group gathered at Arizona State Capital

2006.15.45 August 21, 1936 – boy in shirt, pants and boots holding something, could be Walter

2006.15.46 Boy on horse with Steam Pump Ranch bunkhouses in background

Henry Zipf Photo Collection
Book Unknown

Book 5
Pusch Collection
Pictures and Photos
Date of Acquisition: 2006
# in series: 5
Page #: 2006.2.2 Photo #1 – 2006.2.2 Photo #18

2006.2.2 PhOl                     Young George Pusch

2006.2.2 Ph02                        Horse and Buggy: 3 riders (date and place unknown)

2006.2.2 Ph03                            December 9,1910: Members of the Arizona Constitution Convention 2 pictures, the lower one has member’s names written on it.

2006.2.2 Ph04                    1914: Steam Pump Ranch House about 90 years ago.

2006.2.2 Ph05                    1929: Steam Pump Ranch Building

2006.2.2 Ph06                    1986: Steam Pump Ranch Building

2006.2.2 Ph07                       October 18, 2003: Steam Pump Building

2006.2.2 Ph08                        October 18, 2003: Steam Pump Ranch House (back view)

2006.2.2 Ph09                        October 18, 2003: Steam Pump Ranch House (front view)

2006.2.2 Ph10                         April 10, 1994: Pusch-Zellweger Ranch

2006.2.2 Phl 1                                2 pictures: one vote for Henry Zipf Republican candidate for Supervisor, District Number 2 Pima County and card with three small photos, one is of George, one of either Gertrude or Nonie.

2006.2.2 Ph12                                Early picture of house downtown Tucson, AZ where Puschs and Zipfs lived Believed to be  house at 428 S. 4th Ave.

2006.2.2 Ph13                                   Article from Arizona Daily Star “You are architects of your record, Star told Law makers 100 years ago”

2006.2.2 Ph14                          7 pictures of the Pusch-Zelhveger (Feldman) Ranch

2006.2.2 Ph15                               Large photo with the faces of several children and you people. Made in Tucson, AZ but no additional information provided

2006.2.2 Ph16                         19 miscellaneous post cards addressed to Zipfs.

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