New Exhibit Celebrates Women’s History in Oro Valley


Don’t miss this! March is Women’s History Month and Oro Valley Historical Society has a great new exhibit at the Pusch House.
“Wonder Women of Oro Valley and Beyond” features women of Oro Valley and the Greater Oro Valley area, their accomplishments and interesting histories. What do you know about Ina Gittings (as in Ina Road), Catherine Reidy, the Rattlesnake Queen, and the five Pusch women, Mathilda, Gertrude, Wilhelmina, Henrietta, and Maybelle? The exhibit is in the Pusch House Museum at Steam Pump Ranch (10901 N. Oracle Road). It is open Saturday, March 19 from 9 to 11 and Saturday, March 26 from 9 to Noon. Suggested donation $5. Discover your local history…you’ll never know what you will find!
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