Spring Newsletter

Oro Valley Historical Society Spring Newsletter

George Pusch at the Pusch House!

Thank you to Franz Fauley for his portrayal of George Pusch on February 18. Our February exhibit “Arizona – The Road to Statehood” included George’s role in the Arizona Constitutional Convention. Franz/George shared that history with exhibit visitors. Thank you, Franz!

Don’t Miss These Upcoming Events!

Saturday, March 11, 18, and 25 Pusch House Museum Exhibit: Courageous, Resilient, Determined Women of Oro Valley and Beyond. Open 9 to Noon at Steam Pump Ranch.

Please note! Due to building restoration at Steam Pump Ranch, the third Saturday tours WILL NOT be available in March and April! Construction activity will make it too difficult to navigate the property.

Monday, March 13 @ 2:00 – Author Jan Cleere will present “Following the Bugle”, a history of military wives in AZ in the 1800’s at the Oro Valley Pima County Library.

This is the last speaker’s event for this program year. Thank you to Jim Williams for setting up our Speaker’s Bureau events!

April Exhibit: Oro Valley – The Making of a Town Saturday, April 1 and April 8 from 9 to Noon at the Pusch House Museum at Steam Pump Ranch.

The Oro Valley Historical Society program year ends on Saturday, April 8 (see above) and will resume in September. See you then!

The Oro Valley Historical Society’s handy man extraordinaire, Denzil Walker, gave our donation box a “restoration”. It’s a replica of the Pusch House. Can we get it on the National Registry?



Board Briefs

  • OVHS* raised $4251 from the fundraising event “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – How Sara Plummer Lemmon Reached New Heights!” on February 19. The Board thanks all the sponsors, donors, and attendees and OVHS volunteers for making it a success. OVHS also thanks Wynne Brown the speaker who gave a wonderful presentation!
  • The TOV is framing an agreement allowing OVHS use of storage space in the new Parks and Recreation office at Steam Pump Ranch.
  • The board Treasurer is working on the 2023 OVHS budget.
  • In response to the TOV “senior survey”, OVHS will coordinate its educational

    events with the TOV when OVHS plans the next program year.

  • TOV advised OVHS that the restoration of “Carlos’s Barbeque” and the Bunk

    Houses will begin in March. Areas of the property will have limited access.

  • OVHS requested that the TOV review the “Deed of Preservation Easement” for

    Steam Pump Ranch. OVHS has concerns that some of the restrictions for

    property use, restoration, and the Master Plan might be getting overlooked.

  • Basis School will be using a program that was instituted by OVHS Heritage

    Garden Chair, Joyce Rychener. Details for Garden use with Basis are currently

    being worked out.

  • Several private tours are lined up for Steam Pump Ranch and the Pusch House.
  • Bylaws changes were reviewed and accepted by the board. They will be presented to members at the Annual Meeting on March 30th at 3:00 p.m.                                             *TOV – Town of Oro Valley   *OVHS – Oro Valley Historical Society

Thank you to Sherri Graves Photography for photographing our February fundraising event.

Be sure to check the NEW “Videos” tab on the website…see some of the talks you might have missed. Thank you to Jim Horn, Devon Sloan and Paul Loomis for working on the videos and getting them on the OVHS website.

Volunteers Denzil Walker and Craig Colmar moving treasures from the Bunk House

Private Tour with PEO Chapter at Steam Pump Ranch


Thank You Volunteers!

OVHS thanks the volunteers who made the fundraising event a success: Otton Suarez, Annette Munoz, Tina Zogott, Kathryn Hull-Butkus, Denzil Walker, Sue Chambasian, Sherri Graves, Twink Monrad, Devon Sloan, and Teri Colmar.

Thank you to docents, booth hospitality, researchers, writers, and hands-on help volunteers! Shirley Pinkerton, Tina Zogott, Annette Munoz, Kathryn Hull- Butkus, Anne Keeler, Cheryl Leiber, Barbara McIntyre, Denzil Walker, Lori Harrison, Bob Kellar, Devon Sloan, Otton Suarez, Jack Holmes, Kate Cusumano, Bill Morse, Pat Spoerl, Jim Williams, Mikki Douglas, Shelley Solomon, Carol Bagley, Sherri Graves, Twink Monrad, Jim Skalicky, John Munden, Roxy Johnson, Sue Chambasian, Paul Loomis, Joyce Rychener, Henry Zipf, and Teri Colmar

Volunteer Appreciation Day will follow the Annual Membership Meeting on March 30 @ 3:00 p.m. at the Pusch House at Steam Pump Ranch.

Summer Volunteer Opportunity!

The Heritage Garden is active during the summer months. Do you have a green thumb?

Contact Joyce Rychener to volunteer in the garden Joyceholloway2@gmail.com

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