Parks and Recreation Master Plan Concepts


The Town of Oro Valley (TOV) Parks and Recreation Division is currently working on Master Plans for area parks.  This includes Historic Steam Pump Ranch.  The Oro Valley Historical Society (OVHS) believes that some of the plans and proposed activities have strayed from the historic nature of the park and its original intended use.  Now is the time to voice your opinion as to the future direction of the park! Will it become a commerce/event center with unrelated activities taking away from our local history or will it become a historic gem to be treasured for future generations?  Think Williamsburg, VA.

Visit the Town of Oro Valley website and connect to the tab, located on the home page; “Discuss”.  This will take you to a box “ Park Master Plans individual site feedback”.  Click on the box and you will be able to post your opinion about  Steam Pump Ranch and the other town parks.  The ball is in your court…let the town hear from you!


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